Ben Willington

“I know clients find audits a hassle at times, so I make them as painless and beneficial as possible.”

Ben is an auditor with a business-owner’s acumen. He loves seeing behind the scenes in a business and applying his business knowledge to come up with simple solutions to often complex problems. It’s not just about adding up the numbers, it’s whether they make sense, and Ben can spot a problem a mile off.

Ben works collaboratively with clients and avoids ‘us and them’ situations, which often create inefficiencies and culminate with a bland report to management. He works hard to acquire a unique and independent understanding of people, systems and processes. Only then can he communicate the post-audit findings, ideas and recommendations that clients value most.

Ben has run his own audit business since he was 28 after becoming one of the youngest Registered Company Auditors in Australia. He is a member of the Chartered Accountants (CA) Trans-Tasman Audit and Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the CA organisation in identifying and addressing strategic issues concerning the audit profession. This lets him give something back to the profession and its stakeholders, but working with clients is always what he values the most.

In a nutshell:

Commercial and collaborative – the opposite to what you might expect from a typical auditor!

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