Self-Managed Superfund Audits

Putting your SMSF audit in safe hands

If you have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you must have your fund’s compliance and financial statements audited each year. SMSF audits are handled by a separate company, Audit your Superfund.

Audit your Superfund is an award-winning SMSF audit provider, working with thousands of SMSFs. Audit your Superfund works with SMSF professionals to get the right outcomes for their clients, with audits tailored specifically for every client’s unique systems and processes. The team of expert auditors is headed up by experienced professionals with decades of experience in superannuation, auditing and compliance. All services are tailored, hands-on and delivered with a personal touch. The team is aware of all the latest SMSF compliance developments and changes to any SMSF audit requirements, so clients are in safe hands.

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