Undergraduate Program

Opportunities for undergraduates

We are offering three undergraduates the chance to join our paid undergraduate program – a valuable chance to gain real-world experience as you study. Accru Harris Orchard is a very successful accounting firm with great opportunities, and we’re seeking Year 12 students who are starting a commerce-related degree in 2024. If you’re interested in an accounting career, forget working at a fast-food restaurant or supermarket whilst studying. Instead, you can earn and learn in an environment that will really help your long-term career.

What’s on offer?

  • Minimum of 2 days per week (or equivalent) paid experience in one of the most progressive mid-sized Adelaide accounting firms
  • Flexible work that fits around your university degree: your studies come first (no need to delay/prolong your degree)
  • Study full-time and work part-time – not the other way around
  • Hands-on, relevant work with great on-the-job training
  • Interstate and overseas opportunities via the Accru network
  • A culture that welcomes and nurtures young people and employs other undergraduates.

Who are we looking for?

  • A Year 12 student looking to start university in February 2024 
  • A degree subject in accounting, finance, economics, business or commerce
  • Living in South Australia and able to travel to Dulwich 
  • Someone enthusiastic about learning and willing to get involved.

How to apply?

Please email careers@accruadel.com.au and attach a letter of introduction explaining why you should be considered for our undergraduate program. Include some details of your performance at school or previous work experience (if any) – and what you’re hoping to do at University.

Applications close: 17 November 2023       Program starts: February 2024

Why choose accounting?

We’re obviously biased, but our previous undergraduates will tell you that being an accountant is one of the best careers you could choose. Who else gets to have such an impact on our economy and the world we live in? Whether you want to work with entrepreneurs or to be an entrepreneur, the foundations you learn about business, finance and tax will serve you well throughout your life. As an accountant you become hugely valuable to many kinds of people – whether you’re volunteering your time at a charity or being the CFO in a global corporation. You can work in almost any industry, doing interesting and important work, and being an accountant is globally recognised and respected.

Why Accru Harris Orchard?

Because we’re a great place to work, and we offer opportunities to suit many different talents and career aspirations:

  • Join a team of young, like-minded people in a progressive accounting firm – a firm that has grown to 60 people across two offices in Dulwich and Clare
  • Work at our Dulwich office on Fullarton Road, for easy travel and access to University campuses
  • Experience work with thousands of individuals, businesses, government departments and other accounting firms – our clients are varied
  • Help us to build great businesses. It’s our driving purpose, and we offer more than the usual accounting services including strategic planning, innovation, business & profit improvement, succession planning, corporate finance, wealth planning and much more
  • Benefit from our community focus and a team that regularly gets involved with chosen charities such as Kickstart for Kids – where we’ve had a great time serving breakfast to kids in schools.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jack McGowan

“It’s been so useful to get this industry knowledge – working part-time whilst studying really enhances what you study at Uni. It’s been a great experience so far – friendly people and a good place to work.”

Hamish Wallace

“Working and studying at the same time can be demanding, but it’s rewarding. This is a great place to learn with friendly staff who are supportive in my learning. The flexibility is great and I’m enjoying the culture here.”