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Flexibility, purpose - and free parking

We don’t believe in offering gimmicks, so working with us doesn’t mean free massages, a dry-cleaning service or free car washes.

Instead, we make sure you’ll have three very important things: flexibility, purpose – and free parking:


  • You can take annual leave entitlements whenever you want.
  • You’ll have paid time off for study leave, exams or training.
  • Some employees choose to work from home at times.
  • Personal days can also be arranged easily when needed.
  • We expect you to have a life and not work after hours or at weekends.


  • We want you to get out of bed every morning with purpose. Our company purpose is to help our clients build great businesses, so everything you do in work is about making that happen. From your first day when you meet the Managing Director, you’ll know how you will contribute to this purpose.
  • Contributing to our community is important to us. Doing something meaningful gives our own lives meaning, and you’ll be able to get involved with things like serving breakfast to underprivileged kids.

Free parking

  • What more do we need to say? We have free on-street parking.  Oh, and our Dulwich office has great views over the Adelaide Park Lands, too.
Group of employees at Accru Harris Orchard

What else we offer

A work family – we’re set up in smaller teams, so even though you’ll have the benefits of working in a larger mid-tier practice, it will feel more like ‘family’. We do lots of things together, like go for walks at lunchtime, have drinks every Friday, celebrate milestone birthdays and work anniversaries. In short, we enjoy each other’s company.

Great leaders – our 9 Directors are all very different personality types, with varying skills and backgrounds and they’re aged between mid-30’s to mid-50’s.  You will have full access to our Senior Managers and Directors, so you can learn from them (and maybe also teach them a thing or two).

Training – our induction program is second-to-none. You’ll immediately feel welcomed, and supported via regular scheduled chats with your Manager and Director. It means you’ll soon feel part of the team.  Monthly tax training, regular updates and external residential training courses are all on offer, so you never stop learning. But the magic really happens by ‘doing’, so we’ll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to get stuck in.

Interesting work – we’ve got hundreds of clients, many of them iconic South Australian businesses who you’ll love working with.  To help our clients build great businesses, we go further than  ‘traditional’ accounting. That means things like profit improvement and strategic planning are all part of our daily work.

Technology – we love technology and use it a lot. Our Dulwich office is fully paperless, so your life is easier and you can spend more time doing important things rather than shuffling paper.

A career path – there are plenty of opportunities to progress. Our youngest Director, Daniel started out as an undergraduate and was made a Director in less than 10 years. Chris has been with us since 1981 (his entire career!).

Secondments – our Accru network in Australia and membership of MGI Worldwide mean that a few of our team members have enjoyed work secondments. You could, too.

Diversity and inclusion – with employees from many diverse nationalities, different generations and social backgrounds working together, Accru Harris Orchard offers a diverse workplace. This brings many benefits:

  • Different viewpoints, skills, experiences to devise innovative solutions and adapt to new situations
  • Increased creativity and problem solving as each person brings their way of thinking to a task
  • An open-minded approach to new processes that profits the whole team and our clients
  • Language skills which help us compete globally and communicate with our international clients.

Who we’re looking for

We’re more interested in what you do, rather than what you say, or where you’ve come from. We’re led by purpose-driven outcomes for ourselves and our clients, and we’re focussed on results.

These are some of the things we’re looking for in a new team member:

  • Wants to be part of our team long-term
  • Listens first, then asks questions, understands and advises
  • Works efficiently and constantly looks for ways to improve and do things better
  • Responds to client communications and needs as quickly as possible
  • Offers clear, direct advice to clients in both written and verbal communications
  • Goes beyond technical services to provide clients with service of unexpected value
  • Acknowledges and addresses any mistakes swiftly and professionally
  • Asks questions in front of others and is happy to admit when something isn’t clear
  • Gets involved in our community.