Community Initiatives

Giving back

An important part of our vision and culture is giving back to our own local community. There are many ways of doing this – contributing to the business economy is one, but we also take a more direct approach.

Accru Harris Orchard encourages all staff to set time aside for charity work. Contributing to our community not only helps people less fortunate, but also has a very positive impact on our own people. We seek a culture of giving, and people who enjoy giving – doing something meaningful gives our own lives meaning. We want our firm to be full of people who enjoy doing things for others – so by giving we too receive.

Many of our people also make significant contributions to their communities as members of committees, associations, school councils, foundations and even boards. We actively encourage our people to contribute to community activities that are important to them, and we give them the time to do this.

To get the most from our collective efforts, we nominate community causes that we want to get behind. Currently, these are:

Our staff regularly donate blood as part of this important workplace initiative. Red25 is a Red Cross Blood Service national campaign with the aim of getting 25% of all blood donations needed in Australia to come from groups. Accru Harris Orchard is proud to be one of these groups.

Staff donate time by volunteering in the KickStart breakfast program, where they help to organise breakfast for underprivileged kids, or by being a mentor at one of KickStart’s school holiday camps. We also provide support with discounted audit fees. Kickstart for Kids help disadvantaged school children in South Australia achieve positive educational outcomes and increased self-esteem through various programs.

We organise donations of food, toiletries, clothing and blankets to help the homeless in South Australia. We also take part in the annual ‘Walk a Mile in My Boots’ to raise extra funds. The Hutt St Centre empowers people facing homelessness to rebuild their lives, rediscover their identities and reconnect with those who love them.

We support the Youth Opportunities Association (SA) with discounted services. Created with the aim of developing leadership skills and helping shape the future of young people experiencing disadvantage, twenty years on, the Personal Leadership Program has been delivered in over 80 schools and organisations in South Australia, changing the lives of over 13,300 young people.

We support Kidsafe SA with discounted services. They are a national organisation devoted to the prevention of unintentional death and injuries to children. In the 30+ years since the organisation’s establishment, the number of children killed because of accidental injury has more than halved, and Kidsafe – along with other like-minded agencies – has undoubtedly played a major role in this decrease.