What our clients say

For over 25 years we have been clients of Accru Harris Orchard and they have always given great service and advice for both our personal and business affairs. There has always been a warmth with dealing with Accru staff, you are treated like family rather than a number.
Scott Perry, Director
Air Con Serve
I have been a client of Accru Harris Orchard from a young man in my 20’s when I first went into business for myself, until I retired at 78 years old. During the whole of that time they have given me OUTSTANDING service, advice & support. I would NEVER consider going elsewhere & would thoroughly recommend them to anyone in business. Their fees are miniscule in relation to the funds saved due to their advice.
Tim Ferrier
Mud Environmental
James and the team at Accru Harris Orchard are trusted friends and business advisors. For our group that involves a number of entities including two SME’s. We value the input from Accru Harris Orchard into our most important business decisions. They have a depth and breadth of local experience that is invaluable to a business of any size. We outsource all of our accounting to Accru Harris Orchard with absolute confidence, which allows us to focus on what we do best.
Adrian Webber, Director
Mud Environmental
Ashford Accounting Software Consultants have enjoyed the services of Accru Harris Orchard for around 30 years. We find Accru to be a reliable and responsive partner dedicated to doing their job properly. We look forward to their continued support and would and do recommend Accru to prospective business and private clients.
Angela Macdonald, Managing Director
Ashford Accounting Software Consultants
On behalf of the Kidsafe SA Board, I wanted to thank you for providing us with a quality, professional and painless audit again this year. We view the continued support from Accru Harris Orchard as integral to our organisation moving forward.
Holly Fitzgerald, CEO
Kidsafe SA Inc.
Kelpie logo
We’ve been clients of Accru Harris Orchard since 1996. Over the years, we built up a consultancy business to the mining industry and started our own superannuation fund, both of which are still in operation. Accru Harris Orchard’s input and assistance has been invaluable – we could never have achieved it on our own. We cannot fault the service we have received from James and the Accru team over the years – always prompt, friendly, courteous and helpful, with outstanding knowledge of the complexities of the Australian taxation system. I cannot recommend them too highly.
David Edgecombe
We have been using Accru Harris Orchard’s services for over 15 years now. During this time they have provided expert and professional advice both personally and in our business. Sam and Joanna have become part of our team, we don’t see them as consultants but as integral members of our organisation.
Stuart Rogers, Director/General Manager
Williams Metal Fabrications
My wife & I were referred to Chris Marshall at Accru Harris Orchard by a business colleague almost 20 years ago shortly after we went into business for ourselves. From our very first meeting, we have always received the right advice at the right time which has enabled us to make the best decisions for ourselves and our business.
Danny Di Iorio, Managing Director
Chris Marshall has played an integral part in the growth of our business. I have always found the Accru Harris Orchard team to be prompt and helpful with all our accounting needs.
Stephen Evans, Director
Accru Harris Orchard has been providing sound advice to our business over 10 years, safely navigating us through the GFC, the end of the mining boom and our succession process. Chris Marshall’s advice has helped us put our business in the strongest position it has been in our 50+ year history.
Sam Williams, Managing Director
RC Williams
Accru Harris Orchard have been amazing to work with. Always helpful, always prompt and always up with the latest. Now that my husband and I are in the family business on our own, we have stayed with them and will continue this business relationship into the future. I have and will recommend Accru Harris Orchard to anyone looking for peace of mind with their business.
Tara Pfeiler, Owner
Jireh Citrus
I must commend Sarah Stribley for her support and guidance throughout the years this company has used Accru Harris Orchard’s services. Her team and in particular Sarah are attentive and I am very pleased with the service, information and opportunities presented by Accru Harris Orchard. Their senior staff are well trained and friendly, and met my needs in a timely manner.
Denis Camporeale, Director
Arcon Architectural Construction
Work Visa Lawyers logo
Rhys has been very knowledgeable and useful in monitoring our business’s progress and making suggestions to ensure our processes are as effective as possible. Rhys has taken the time to understand our business and the services are proving to be a great benefit as we continue to grow. We will continue to seek the advice of Accru Harris Orchard in an ongoing way to make sure we make good decisions.
Chris Johnston, Principal Lawyer
Work Visa Lawyers
AirFlow Doors logo
Working with Chris Marshall and the Accru Harris Orchard team over the past 28 years has been seamless. They operate in a very honest, respectful manner. You know you are in safe hands when needing sound advice and protection. Thank you.
Jim Byrne
Air Flow Doors