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We build great businesses

Accru Harris Orchard: making your business great

Accru Harris Orchard exists to build great businesses. It’s why we started our own business, which is still going strong nearly 60 years later. But what does building a great business actually mean? What does it look like? The answers are different for every individual who owns and runs a business. We have developed a methodology that helps businesses to achieve their idea of greatness. It isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ methodology because that goes against everything we know about business owners – your own reasons for starting and being in business are always unique. Our approach caters for many different motivations and appetites for risk.


Our people follow the ‘AHO Way’. This means we challenge our 70-strong team to do things better every day: and that philosophy is the foundation for all of our work with you, to help you build a great business.

We build great businesses

We understand that a ‘great business’ means different things to different people who own and run a business.


The business world changes all the time – digital disruption, legislation changes, the latest thinking on how to get the most out of your people. We’ve got you covered in our regular blogs.

Why we stand out

Operating from two locations in South Australia, with a team of 70 people, Accru Harris Orchard offers all the usual service you’d expect from a firm like ours – accounting, tax, bookkeeping, audit. This isn’t what makes us unique. Our people make us unique.

They are experts in so many things: business strategy, process improvement, marketing, leadership development, change management, data mining, buying and selling businesses and much more. Watch our video above to hear from our clients and what building a great business means to them.


Contributing to our community not only helps people less fortunate, but also has a very positive impact on our own people. We give back to our community in many ways, not only by supporting nominated good causes but also by giving staff free time to make their own personal contributions. We seek a culture of giving, and people who enjoy doing things for others – doing something meaningful gives our own lives meaning.