Celebrating Chris Marshall’s 40 Years at Accru Harris Orchard

The team at Accru Harris Orchard is excited and proud to celebrate Chris Marshall’s 40 years with the firm.

Chris is evidence that if you want a great career in accounting, you can start when you’re 17 and work right through. He was chosen to join the firm right from Sacred Heart College as an undergraduate. In fact, James Orchard remembers when he was 11 and his Dad dragging the whole family down to watch Chris play football in the schools’ First 18.  James’ Dad, who co-founded our firm, decided that Chris was a good footballer, so there was every chance he would be an excellent fit at the firm. (HR selection polices have certainly moved a long way since then!)

The choice has had great results for Chris, his family (he has three adult boys now, who are all doing well), his clients who all love him, and everyone at Accru Harris Orchard who has worked with him. In particular, he’s been great for the other Directors who have been lucky enough to be in partnership with him.

Chris is known for being fair, thoughtful and consistent. He sees clearly through complex issues and when he talks, it’s always worth listening. He is always reliable and in no small part has been responsible for the firm going from the 8 employees who worked here when he began, to the team of 70 we now have. Now that’s a legacy!

Thank you, Chris, for your many years of service with us so far – Accru Harris Orchard wouldn’t be what it is today without you. We and our clients look forward to continuing to work with you for a few more years yet!

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