Client Spotlight: Bloom Support Options

Founded just over two years ago by partners James Reeves and Felicia Neumann, Bloom Support Options provides mentoring, carer assistance, in-home and community support services to clients with special needs. The Mawson Lakes-based team offers programs including sport and social outings, day and overnight respite options, cooking groups and more in providing support services to Plan or Self-Managed NDIS participants.

Although the business is still quite new, they’ve seen exceptional growth, doubling their revenue, staff, and overall footprint in South Australia in a very short time.

“We saw a need for positive role models in the disability field,” says James. “Our philosophy stems from our experience within the disability, early intervention, education, health and fitness sector, and we aim to provide a holistic approach to meet every client’s needs.”

With nearly 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, James wears a variety of hats for the business as Director, Client Services Manager and Support Worker, while Felicia serves as Team Leader, Support Coordinator and Social Worker, actively seeking new clients for the growing business.

Building a great busines

“To me, a great business is one that offers exceptional customer service and focuses on finding and retaining the right staff,” says James. “Having happy, satisfied employees is the most important thing for us.”

He adds that client relations and communications have been critical to their success.

“Client follow-through is essential,” he says. “You can’t give empty promises.”

The team’s dedication to their clients has clearly paid off, as evidenced by their rapid growth – in fact, James says one of their biggest challenges so far has been keeping up with demand and ensuring safeguards are in place as their workforce expands. 

We’ve worked to put the right systems in place,” he says, “and we’ve worked closely with the team at Accru Harris Orchard in implementing software to keep up with client demand and support some of our behind-the-scenes needs.”

Those systems have also helped James and Felicia manage day-to-day operations whilst raising their growing family at home.

“To me, there are several factors that make this a great business,” says James Orchard, Managing Director of Accru Harris Orchard. “The emphasis they place on caring for their clients is key. Their ‘youthfulness’ in providing the services means they focus heavily on interactive sports and exercise routines to assist with personal growth, achievement, and mental health to get clients out and active in society.”

James Orchard adds, “They’ve also developed a solid team of like-minded employees, with a team of nearly 20 people including James and Felicia, who are all dedicated to providing an all-inclusive service focusing on client development and care.”

Accru Harris Orchard’s role in the journey

Bloom Support Options has been a client of Accru Harris Orchard since the business was founded a little over two years ago. During that time, the Accru Harris Orchard team has provided services including tax assistance, business structuring, and asset protection, with an eye on both current and future needs.

“As James and Felicia were new to running a business, we have assisted them with managing their own tax affairs and keeping them abreast of upcoming obligations, forecasting for those obligations, and opportunities to employ to achieve a desired result for now and the longer term,” says James Orchard.

The team have also assisted them with their growth journey through advising on the process of acquiring value-added assets to widen their scope of offerings and have regularly assisted with decision making, serving as a sounding board for strategic and operational matters. 

James says, “The Accru Harris Orchard team are people I can lean on, as our business has seen such rapid growth in a short amount of time. If I’m looking at the future and weighing up a financial decision, I’ll talk it over with the team and they’ll lay everything out in simple terms so that I can make the best possible choice.

“They get back to me in no time at all and always find an answer to every question,” he notes. “Even if it’s out of their scope, they’ll put me in touch with the correct person.”

James adds that working with Accru Harris Orchard has allowed the business to keep on top of their accounting so that he can put his focus into other business operations.

“No matter what, there’s always a solution provided,” states James. “Accru Harris Orchard has helped build the shell of Bloom, and without them we would not be where we are today.”

Future of the business

Looking ahead, James says that he and Felicia would like to continue to grow their team and broaden their service offerings.

“Ideally, we’d like to reach a point where we have 50 or more staff and over 200 clients,” explains James. “And then we’ll look at broadening our footprint to service the southern suburbs of SA, followed by branching interstate.”

To learn more about Bloom Support Options, visit their website or Facebook page.

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