Client Spotlight: Container Deposit Systems

Most companies start out with an idea, then form a business and put together a Board once the company takes off – but Container Deposit Systems is unique in that its founders put the Board together first and THEN formed the business after a substantial $4.5 million investment in research and development.

Executive Chairman/CEO Brett Duncanson explains that the original vision of the Board was to create new, commercially-compelling technology to auto-sort recycling materials like eligible deposit containers so they could be scanned and counted, even if containers had been crushed and the bar code couldn’t be read.

Today, there are 80 businesses across Australia leasing the technology, with 20 million containers per week that go through the machines. In recognition of their achievements, Container Deposit Systems was chosen as the 2022 South Australian winner of the Embracing Innovation category in the Telstra Business Awards.

While technology is at the heart of the business, Brett notes that it’s the people on the team who matter most. Container Deposit Systems currently has 12 employees who bring a wide range of skills and perspectives from diverse backgrounds – and most of the team members are under the age of 30. Brett says that the environmental aspect of the business is very appealing and has certainly attracted young, high quality and very engaged workers. 

“Our business starts and stops with the people,” says Brett. “To me, this is what makes a great business. We’re not interested in taking jobs out of the industry – our technology still requires employment.”

To learn more about Container Deposit Systems and their journey, check out their video below:

Container Deposit Systems video

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