Client Spotlight: Vergola

Vergola is the company that invented and developed Australia’s first opening and closing louvre roof system back in 1984. Since that time, competitors have come into the market, but Vergola’s success lies in being the first, maintaining high quality and having an unwavering focus on one product.

The company also has the only louvre system to be awarded the Industrial Design Council of Australia’s ‘Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design’ and three Australian Design Council awards for innovation.

“We’ve never tried to be more than what we are,” explains Managing Director Jitendra “Jit” Ragunath. “We are unashamedly a single product company.”

Rather than diversify the product, they’ve diversified their market, and Vergola now has an operation in the U.S. and offers products in 10 countries.  Jit’s incredibly proud of keeping the company’s manufacturing in SA, at a time when most other manufacturers have gone overseas.

“When we open a new market, we consider the growth potential, average incomes, climate, number of stand-alone dwellings and people’s lifestyles,” says Jit. “Our product is not a repeat purchase item, so access to and conversion of new customers is vital.”

“To me, there are two elements to building a great business,” he says. “First, you have to grow gradually and carefully, so the company is sustained over a period of time. The second thing is building the right team around you – not only internally, but externally.”
He explains that Accru Harris Orchard has been a key part of the external team for the past 20 years.

“We’ve worked hand in hand, side by side, throughout that time,” says Jit. “There are very few major decisions – if any – that get made without their input.”

To learn more about Vergola and their journey, check out their video below:

Jit at Vergola

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