The education industry is no longer just about quality education. School principals, bursars, managers and board members need expert support to deal with the variety of demands and opportunities they face.

With increased competition to attract students and more pressure to deliver academic excellence, it’s not surprising that a school’s finances, governance and risk management can often take a back seat.

Practical support, peace of mind

Accru offers practical, hands-on support to help your organisation deal effectively with these issues.
We have been providing services to the education sector for over 40 years. In particular, Accru Melbourne audits and advises some of Victoria’s highest performing schools.

We know your standards are high, and so are ours. We invest in maintaining our knowledge of issues affecting the sector, as well as high professional and technical standards, to make sure we deliver maximum value to our education clients.

Sector-specific, personalised service

Our clients include non-government schools, universities and educational associations. We provide each with personalised service tailored to their individual culture, needs and concerns.

Services we are commonly engaged to provide include:

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